What do Brooks Brothers and Warner Bros have in common?

Retail Cross Film Marketing

Retail Marketing Film

 The Great Gatsby?  Brooks Brothers and Warner Brothers are cross promoting for F. Scott Fitzgerald Classic. Brooks Brothers expanded their audience by non-traditionally marketing the movie at their retail stores.  In the window of the store, they have a replica tuxedo that The Great Gatsby himself wears in the movie, pictures from the original film, tuxedo shoes and a short excerpt giving a brief intro to the upcoming blockbuster. The movie shows an exciting lifestyle aimed at the young, wealthy, and ambitious.  By bringing the movie to such a proper setting yet relevant, they have expanded their market to the older, wealthy, and content audiences.  A non-traditional marketing strategy to bond two relevant ideas yet very different business entities. The program was very effective expanding interest in the movie amongst the public and draw steady business to the Brooks Brothers.  

Retail Marketing Film

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