We offer three business model options, when working with our clients.

1. Experiential Agency of Record (EAOR)

Brand Marketers is retained for a contract term to build and execute integrated marketing campaigns.

2. AD Hoc RFP (Request for Proposal) Driven

a.Clients contact us with a vision or concept of what they would like to see brought to life.

We will research, tap our connections and use our field experience to respond with a proposal of exactly how the program will be designed/executed.

b. Clients contract us with a Target Demographic, Geographic or Product.

We will again research, tap our connections and use our field experience, as well as study the target, the markets and competition to create a proposal with new ideas and strategies that will connect with the target.

3. Consultancy

Brand Marketers will provide expert professional advice and assistance in strategic planning as well as selection and evaluation of execution vendors. Our years of experience in the field enable us to help you create programs that work and then source the best vetted partners, at the lowest cost, to implement them. Internal or external relationships are available.